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Words and stuff

Having a proper copywriter around the place is great for our clients and gives our work the extra edge that only a copywriter can add.

And our Stu is a proper copywriter in every sense. He’s a writer, conceptualist and creative collaborator. Before setting up The Forge he spent more than a decade as a key player in various ad agencies, working on some of the biggest brands around.

It’s more than just writing

Obviously Stu can write. But not in an ‘everyone who went to school can write’ kind of way. He understands the importance of structure, messaging, tone and rhythm. He uses the principles of persuasion to get the right reaction and builds a brand along the way.

Copywriting isn’t about the pedantry of grammar or winning a spelling competition. It’s not about having an English qualification or using big words. It’s about an approach to all your work that can only be learnt in an ad agency, working on the biggest and littlest jobs for every client imaginable – and doing it over and over again until you can do it in your sleep.

Copywriters vs. ‘Copywriters’

When you meet Stu you’ll see he’s a pretty easy going kind of chap and always up for a laugh – but if you really want to wind him up, ask him about people who claim to be copywriters but aren’t really. You might want to take a step back at this point.

1,000 annoying questions

A good copywriter challenges everything to get under the skin of what you’re saying, why you’re saying it and where. Stu will ask the questions you didn’t think of and will challenge the answers you give. It can be quite annoying but it’s worth it – to do a proper job a copywriter needs to understand the bigger picture… so please humour him.

There’s a lot of Stu to go around

It would be a bit selfish to keep him all to ourselves, so from time to time we package Stu up as a freelance copywriter and rent him to some of the biggest ad agencies in the UK.

You can find examples of his Forge work all over our work pages or you can see his personal showreel right here:


For legal reasons we need to point out that this does not represent work from The Forge – just from Stu the Copywriter – who happens to be our copywriter – but you can see the difference, right?

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